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Women's Waxing

Brows  $24
Lip  $12
Chin/Neck  $18
Back of Neck $21

Sides of Face  $18
Full Face  $58
Nose  $15

Underarm  $24
Tummy  $30
Back   $30
Chest  $24
1/2 Leg   $58
Full Leg  $93
1/2 Arm  $30
Full Arm  $46
Toes or Fingers  $6
Feet $11

Buttocks  $35
Between the Cheeks  $24
Bikini  $53
Brazilian  $74

Waxing Packages

1/2 Year Brazilian Package: 
Buy 6 Brazilian Waxes, get one
Brazilian wax for free  
Women: $444 ($518 value)
Men: $558 ($651 value)

Full Year Brazilian Package:
Buy 12 Brazilian waxes, get 2
Brazilian waxes for free  
Women: $888 ($1,036 value)
Men: $1,116 ($1,302 value)


Men's Waxing

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Brows  $18
Nose or Ears  $15
Neck  $24
Shoulders  $24
Back $58
Back, Neck and Shoulders $79

Chest  $58
Toes or Fingers $8

Underarm  $30
1/2 Leg  $74
Full Leg  $110
Arms  $63
Buttocks $46
Between the Cheeks  $30
Mankini $74
Brazilian  $93
Manscaping (trimmers) $46


Waxing Tips

*Your hair should be at least 1/4 of an inch long (at least 2 weeks no shaving) for the hair to be long enough for waxing. The longer your hair is, the better the wax will be. 

*Exfoliate before your appointment, this will loosen stubborn, coarse hairs making them  easier to come out. Our Cures Algae Loofah Bar is great for exfoliating this area. 

*Taking a pain reliever at least 30 minutes before can help with the pain, just be careful not to take more than 1 or 2. Avoid blood thinners. 


*Stay hydrated! The more dehydrated you are, the more it will hurt. Avoid alcohol and coffee prior to waxing. 


*Keep in mind that sensitivity is heightened prior and during your cycle, and during pregnancy.

*DO NOT FIGHT!  Wiggling can cause more pain, bruising and broken hair follicles, also making my job harder. Please stay still during your wax!

*Post wax, refrain from tight clothing and  working out, excess sweat can lead to irritation. Do not apply anything to the area such as moisturizer or powder. Your pores are open and are susceptible to being clogged and developing ingrown hairs.

*Be aware that redness is normal post wax and areas such as the bikini are sensitive and depending on each individual may be prone to bruising. This is avoided at all costs, but do not be alarmed if it occurs. 

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