Facial Treatments

Skin Script Custom Facial

 45 minutes: $80

This signature treatment can be customized to any skin type providing nourishing and soothing benefits that give your skin a healthy glow, leaving it feeling refreshed and smooth.

Age Defying Facial

 45 minutes: $95

Eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this special anti aging facial. This treatment promotes hydration, increases elasticity and tones the skin for natural glow. Includes a radiant eye treatment with Vitamin C Therapy that will rejuvenate the skin cells, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and help reduce hyper-pigmentation.

Healthy Skin Facial

 45 minutes: $95

This treatment is geared towards congested, acne prone skin. A combination of anti bacterial and anti inflammatory ingredients release impurities trapped under the skin, increase cell turnover and minimize enlarged pores. Extractions included. 

The Peel 

25 minutes: Series of 6

$75 per treatment

Best for Acne, Anti-Aging and Hyper-pigmentation

Increase cell turnover, resurface and refine skin with our 30% Glycolic, 20% Salicylic,  20% Lactic or 10% TCA Peel. 

This is a recommended 6 week series for best results. 

*Consultation Required*

Detox Facial

45 Minutes: $100

Rid your body of toxins during your facial! This treatment includes skin detoxifying charcoal ingredients throughout your facial as well as a detox mud application to your spine that is removed with warm towels at the end of your facial! 

Aromatherapy Facial

60 Minutes: $115

Enjoy soothing all natural aromas from Essential Oils during your customized facial. Finish this relaxing treatment with an invigorating foot scrub and massage. This will truly awaken your senses!

Back facial

 45 minutes: $85

This treatment is just like the Healthy Skin  facial except for the back!

Refresh Facial

 25 minutes: $50

The same great benefits as the custom facial for a woman on the go! This is a great lunch time treatment!

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